Swiss Ice Hockey Day 2018

Professional hockey players at Les Paccots!!

This year, the following professional hockey players will come and join us at Les Paccots for the Swiss Ice Hockey Day. The referees Didier Massy, Christophe Fabre and Steven Bengal; The players Aurélien Marti (CP Berne), Jonas Holos, Lukas Lhotak, Laurent Meunier, Sebastien Schilt and Ralph Stalder (all from Gottéron).

Our mascot Veveysin will also be present!

The annual Swiss Ice Hockey Day is a national event held at many ice rinks in Switzerland. The HC Veveyse is proud to take part in this event and to promote ice hockey in our area. As part of this exciting day, girls and boys age 4 to 10 are invited to try ice hockey at Les Paccots ice rink! National league hockey players and the  HC Veveyse coaches will encourage the future stars to take their first steps on the ice. The junior HC Veveyse players will also have the opportunity to challenge themselves against the pros.

With non-stop action and high-speed team play, hockey is a great sport for kids. It is even more exciting if they have the possibility to skate with professional hockey players and referees. They will learn tricks and get tips from the pros.

Come at 10 am on 5th November!

You will need gloves and a helmet; this is compulsory in order to be allowed on the ice. Shin guards and elbow pads are recommended. Taking part is free and you can register on-site. Food and refreshments will be served all day.

The hockey initiation will take place from 10 am to noon and will be followed by matches where our HCV players will measure themselves against the professional players.

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