About the HCV

How the HCV started…..

It’s on this very ice rink at les Paccots, just above Châtel-St-Denis, that five friends used to meet regularly to play hockey together.

They decided to found a hockey club in winter 1995-1996, which was originally called Hockey Club Châtel-St-Denis.

Other members gradually joined the club, thus allowing the senior team HCV-1 to take part in a championship. Season 96-97 was the first season the club took part in the Glâne cup in Romont.

After a first season, where every goal that was scored was duly celebrated, the team improved their skills and progressed well. To this date, the HCV-1 team has been competing against the best teams for a place in the first 5 of the Glâne cup ranking.

The Ecole de Hockey was set up during the 97-98 season. This has allowed us to welcome children as from 4 years of age and to give them the opportunity to discover and play their favourite sport.

The club now has about 120 active members, divided into 4 different groups. Our players come from the Veveyse and Bulle area, and reach up to the Fribourg area.

At the end of the 2001-2002 season, during the general assembly, the committee submitted the project to change the club’s name to Hockey Club Veveyse. This change got unanimously accepted by the assembly. Although still very true to its roots in Les Paccots, we had to take into account the evolution of the club and be aware that the HCV was reaching well beyond the Châtel area.

Season 2003-2004 saw the team HCV-1 win the Glâne cup for the first time in its history.

During the same season, a second senior team (HCV-2) was created and was enrolled into the championship of the Chablais Hockey League. HCV-2 carried on with this championship until the end of 2006-2007 and then joined forces with HCV-1 at the Glâne cup as from 2007-2008.

HCV became a member of the Fribourg Ice Hockey Association in 2005-2006.

the 2005-2006 season was an important milestone for the HCV, as the Club celebrated its 10th anniversary. A big party was held on 4th February 2006 in Remaufens.

The HCV became a member of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation in 2007-2008.

During the 2007-2008 season, two junior teams were registered in the Swiss Ice Hockey League as well as a newly formed feminine team, which was enrolled in the Swiss National League C.

In 2009-2010, 3 junior teams enrolled in LSHG: one Minis A team, one Moskitos B team and a Piccolo team. Our partnership with Château-d’Oex carried on.

In 2010-2011, we had 4 Junior teams (Moskitos A, Moskitos B, Piccolos) together with CPG, Château-d’Oex, and Bulle. There was also a feminine team in LNC.

We had two junior teams in 2011-2012 in LHSG (Moskitos B and Piccolos). We had teams in common with our partners (CPG and Bulle) for all the other junior categories. HCV1 and HCV 2 took part in the Glâne cup. There was no feminine team that season.

We had two junior teams in LSHG in 2012-2013, and the following year as well (Bambinis and Piccolos). We carried on with our partnership with CPG Glâne and HC Bulle for all other junior categories. HCV1 and HCV2 took part in the Glâne cup.

The Griffons club was founded in 2015 through the collaboration of the South Fribourg clubs (CP Glâne, HC Bulle, HC Veveyse). The Griffons assembles all young prospects of the following categories : Moskitos, Minis and Novices.

The Griffons participated in tournaments for the first time during the 2016-2017 season.

Two junior teams enrolled in 2017-2018 (Bambinis and Piccolos). Our collaboration with CP Glâne and Bulle is strengthened ; the Griffons club is thriving. HCV-1 team participated in the Glâne cup.

In 2019, a professional coach, Claude Fugère, was taken on by the Griffons (HCV, HCBG, CPG) in partnership with Fribourg-Gottéron’s. The collaboration between the clubs was therefore reinforced and the quality of the training sessions improved.

As from 2019, Junior teams have changed names: Beginner Bambinis are U9/2, advanced Bambinnis U9/1, beginner Piccolos U11/2, advanced Piccolos U11/1.

3 Junior teams are enrolled in 2019-2020 : one U11/2, one U9/2 and one U9/1 teams. HCV-1 team participated in the Glâne cup.

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