The 2019-2020 fondue season is open!

You can print the following document in order to sell your fondues to every customer before you fill in the online form. You can then keep these printed order forms for your records.

Please fill in the following online form to order your fondues (1 form per player per date please) :

What you need to know:

  • The fondues need to be paid by bank transfer when you make your order (Hockey Club Veveyse, Case postale 212, 1618 Châtel Saint-Denis, IBAN CH03 0076 8121 0055 7360 4, mentioning the sponsored child) or by card when the fondue is picked up.
  • The fondue is packed in different sized packets: 200, and 500 gr. You can choose between Vacherin and moitié-moitié cheese.
  • The cheese comes from the Châtel-St-Denis dairy. It is vacuum packed and can keep in the fridge for 3 weeks. It is also possible to freeze it.
  • In order to prepare your order, you need to fill in the online form (see above) before the corresponding deadline.
  • We deliver the fondues 4 times during the season: 9th November, 7th December, 4th January and 1st February. The fondues will be delivered the week after the deadline.
  • The player needs to collect the fondues at the club’s changing room the week after the deadline.
  • As from 20 kg of fondue per family, the player will receive a voucher for our official hockey supplier.

Order and delivery dates :

Order deadlineDeliveriesQuantity of fondues
Saturday 9th November 2019The week of 11th November
Saturday 7th December 2019The week of 9th December
Saturday 4th January 2020The week of 6th January
Friday 1st February 2020The week of 3rd February

Thank you for your orders and enjoy the fondues!

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