The junior teams

The junior teams of the HCV were driven forward by a small group of coaches with the players’ parents’ help. The junior movement includes 3 teams: Ecole de hockey, U9 (Bambinis) and U11 (Piccolos).

  • The Ecole de hockey welcomes beginners as from the age of 4.
  • The U9 team includes children between 6 and 9 years old. They have the possibility to participate in the first regional tournaments.
  • The U11 team welcomes children from 9 to 11 years old.

As from the age of 12, the children join Moskitos of the Griffons.

The Griffons club was founded in 2015 through the collaboration of the South Fribourg clubs (CP Glâne, HC Bulle, HC Veveyse). The Griffons assembles all young prospects of the following categories: Moskitos, Minis and Novices. Since 2019, a professionnal hockey coach, Claude Fugère, oversees our three clubs. He was appointed by the Griffons, in association with Fribourg-Gottéron.

In order to keep our registration fees very low, we ask parents to be involved in the club’s life and to actively participate in some activities, such as:

  • Finding sponsors. Every extra franc is welcome, there is no minimum sum.
  • Fondue sales.
  • To take part in the organisation of small events like the yearly HCV barbecue.
  • Organisational tasks for the team, such as help with photos and videos.

Thanks to everybody’s help, our young players can thrive!